A re-pipe is a complete replacement of the water distribution system in a home. All pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines are replaced. Most re-pipe jobs take around 3 days, and water is available during the entire process except for a few hours on the last day of the job.

There can be many reasons why you may need to replace the pipes of your home. Here are only a few:

rusty pipe cut

- For homes with galvanized plumbing:

Most homes built before the 70s were constructed with this type of piping. Galvanized iron pipe is an iron pipe coated with zinc to prevent corrosion.  The zinc coating gradually wears away over time which exposes the iron.


Low Water Pressure – The reason for low water pressure usually is the restriction of the water flow caused by the build-up of rust and corrosion on the inside of galvanized iron pipes.

Rusty Water – Rust inside the pipes will flow right through your fixtures; you can be drinking and bathing in rust! This usually indicates an advanced stage of corrosion in the pipes.

Leaky Pipes – Leaks most commonly are caused by corrosion of the galvanized iron pipes. Hidden leaks can develop inside the walls, in the attic and under the house which runs the risk of major damage to the home.

-For homes with polybutylene plumbing:

Twenty to thirty years ago polybutylene (a type of plastic) was thought to be the next great advance for plumbing pipes and fixtures  Polybutylene plumbing systems were installed in millions of homes before polybutylene was discovered to be highly defective. It was widely used from the mid 70′s to the mid 90′s across the nation.  It is rarely if ever used today, but remains in many homes built during this period.

Polybutylene has a short life span because chemicals in normal city-provided water cause it to harden and become brittle. The fittings usually go first, springing leaks, followed by the pipe itself. The pipe’s tendency to burst has earned polybutylene a common nickname of “ticking time bomb” from plumbers.

Polybutylene plumbing consists of flexible plastic pipe, gray when used inside and black or blue outside, with plastic-and-metal fittings. Insert fittings are used to join pieces of polybutylene pipe. The insert fitting is inserted into the pipe and clamped with a metal (aluminum or copper) crimp ring over the outside of the pipe. Metal insert fittings are either copper or brass.

-For homes with copper plumbing, located in the slab:

Prevent slab leaks

Slab leaks are caused by copper or other piping becoming corroded from certain soil and water conditions under the floor of the house.


  • water leaking through your foundation
  • water running even when no faucets are on
  • water meter show water running when water is turned off
  • unusually high water bills
  • neighbors had a slab leak
  • you had a slab leak before


  • Increased water pressure
  • No more rusty or discolored water
  • Clean, clear water
  • Being able to use more than one faucet at a time
  • High quality plumbing with no more leaky pipes
  • No scalding in the shower when someone turns on a faucet
  • Greater peace of mind because your piping system is secure
  • Positive selling point for your property

What is the warranty on my re-pipe?

The warranty begins on the date of final payment of the contract. BG Plumbing, LLC guarantees against defects of workmanship for (10) years on all copper water  piping that we supply and install. A one-year warranty is given on all valves, pumps and fixtures that we supply – materials and workmanship included.
Warranty is valid provided that failure occurs within (10) years from the date the warranty begins and the Homeowner or homeowner representative promptly notifies BG Plumbing, LLC of failure in writing; mail to: 26126 Upton Cv. San Antonio TX. 78260, via email to, or by calling 210-995-1292. BG Plumbing will correct that failure by repairing or replacing the Product within a reasonable amount of time, without charge; the decision for repair or replacement shall be that of BG Plumbing, LLC.
We do NOT warrant against failure:

for fixtures that were present at the time of the project and/or that we did not supply and install;    caused by, contributed in whole      or in part by, or resulting from natural disasters, such as, without limitation, flooding, earthquake, windstorm and lightening;        caused by, contributed in whole or in part by, or resulting from abuse, such as, without limitation vandalism.

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