Plumber in Schertz

Tsanko is great. I had a leaky upstairs shower valve, it was leaking quite a lot so I was worried it was going to be a costly fix. We opened up the back wall to see exactly where the leak was coming from, and we knew which junction of the valves it was coming from. Then, I called several plumbers to give an estimate of the fix. Two of the plumbers came, looked at the valve leak and said they want to swap out the entire valve set, which will also require opening up more wall, maybe damaging our old rusty galvanized pipes, costing hundreds of dollars. (It’s an old house) It would also take at least three hours.

Tsanko came and said the solution is very simple, swap out the diverter stem, since that’s the place the leak is coming from. I was having doubts since the other two plumbers told me you’d have to swap out the whole valve, and he patiently explained to me that the valve itself is just a piece of brass, even if you swap out the brass, it’s going to continue to leak. It’s the stem that’s leaking. It made sense and he fixed it in 30 minutes costing a little more than a hundred. We tested it and there was no leaks.

Two days after, another leak appeared in the same bathtub after my roommate showered, I was starting to have doubts about Tsanko’s fix. However, I tested the shower, and couldn’t reproduce the problem, and was completely stumped. I called him, and he came right away at 9pm at night, and he quickly diagnosed the problem. The problem only shows up if the faucet is dripping slowly, and my roommate hadn’t turned off the faucet all the way. It was basically lack of caulking plus the back washer being worn out. He proposed the easy solution of just caulking up the gaps. This visit was completely free!

I was impressed by a few things:
#1. Unlike the other plumbers, he was able to exactly pinpoint the problem. I’m sure if the other plumbers swapped out the whole set, they would’ve fixed the problem as well, but that would’ve been costly, and dangerous, since my pipes were old and I wasn’t ready to swap out a bunch of pipes right then.
#2. He explains the problem and can show me what’s happening
#3. He came out in the evening as soon as I called, and stated that it would be free.

I now have a plumber I can trust explain things to me so I can understand exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. He’s knowledgeable and willing to help. I’ve already recommended him to my friends.

  • Tracy W.
  • San Jose, CA