Remodels & Additions


    1.Ask Friends/Neighbors for Names

     Talk to friends and neighbors who have had remodeling or new construction work done recently.
Remember that you are going to hire a plumber for remodeling or construction, not for a quick repair.
Most of the plumbing trucks you see all over town specialize in emergency repairs. What you want is a
 professional who will come prepared to perform solid work, following a pre-determined estimate,
 in order to complete your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

   2. Check State Licensing

     Check the TSBPE website to see if the  plumbing contractor is licensed and has any complaints. Know that the
 license dos not make him great or best. Ask around again.

   3. Finalize Your Choices 

     Before calling local plumbers make notes in your planer. You don't have to know types and sizes of pipes and fittings – leave that to the specialist. But you do need to know what you want and where you want it to be.

    4.Compare before you choose

Are they bonded and have worker's compensation and liability insurance?
Will they obtain a permit for you?
How long is it going to take to accomplish the project?

   5. Make Calls

     Ask for the manager or the owner. Be patient. They likely deal with contractors and may not get many calls
directly from homeowners.

   6. Get a  Permit

     Assuming that the plumber is not obtaining the permit for you, now is the time to apply for it.

   7. Buy Your Own Fixtures

     Your taste is probably different then his.

   8. Get Ready for Construction at Home

     You don't want your plumber to waste valuable time clearing walls, crawlspaces, basements.
Even if you think they should do this, do this for them. It's your house, after all.

   9. Stay Close to the Job Site 

     Remain within calling distance for questions from your plumber. You want to encourage questions. You will
get a much better work product if you do.


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