Extend the Life of your Tankless Water Heater

Hard water scale is the worst enemy for your appliances and can accumulate inside your tankless water heater too, especially if your home is located in hard water area.  Lime scale deposits will build up quicker in appliances that heat up and cool down often. The heat exchanger in your tankless is one of this examples, constantly being heated and then cooled off. The scale build up can decrease the efficiency of your appliance and even cause it to prematurely break. Hard water build-ups reduce the inside diameter of the pipes and fittings, causing restrictions in flow and playing an insulating role when heated from outside. Scale formation on internal moving parts of valves and pumps, is often the reason why they fail to operate properly and finally break.

By maintaining your tankless water heater scale-free you are not only extending its life, but also you are keeping it as efficient as it was as new. Underestimating de-scale (flush) procedure for your equipment can cost you more than just higher gas bill, but in few years you could throw away the whole unit.

Fremont plumber offers scale-free solution for your house. Look in Water Softeners & Filtration Systems section in our web site.